Interested in becoming more FEW Conscious?
We are looking for 250 households in Lake County, Illinois to Participate!

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To be eligible to participate in this study, residents must: 

- Live in a single metered home (cannot share electric or water meter) in Lake County, IL

- Plan to stay in that home for the 12 month study period

- Be at least 18 years of age

- Have basic comprehension of written and spoken English

- Have a computer and Internet at home

- Have an email address

- Residents do not have to be homeowners but do have to have a single electric meter and do have to have access to all utility bills

Please fill out our Interest Form if you meet these requirements! 

By participating in this research, your household will build new understandings about your family, home, and community. These findings are important for creating better goods, services, infrastructure, and policies for the future. Who knows, you might even learn something new yourself! As one interview participant from the first stage of our research project said:
“I feel like every drop of water in the bucket helps. If we all do what we can sort of locally and in our world, that will have an impact on the larger world.”