Our Team
Meet our multi-disciplinary team from five participating universities.
Principal Investigator (MTU)
David Watkins

Distinguished Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Researcher (MTU)
Robert Handler

Operations Manager/Senior Research Engineer, Sustainable Futures Institute


Researcher (UMN)
Timothy Smith

Director of the NorthStar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise at the Institute on the Environment


Co-Principal Investigator (MTU)
Chelsea Schelly

Associate Professor of Sociology



Researcher (MTU)
Daisuke Minakata

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Affiliated Assistant Professor Depts. of Chemistry and Physics

Researcher (DC)
Elizabeth Wilson

Director of the Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society


Researcher (MTU)
Kathleen Halvorsen

Professor of Natural Resource Policy, SFRES

Social Sciences and SFRES

Researcher (MTU)
Charles Wallace

Associate Professor, Computer Science

Researcher (Rutgers)
Cara Cuite

Assistant Extension Specialist, Department of Human Ecology




Co-Principal Investigator (ASU)
Datu Buyung Agustdinata

Assistant Professor, School of Sustainability


Graduate Student (MTU)
Jessica Daignault

PhD Student

Graduate Student (PSU)
Drew Polasky

PhD Student


Post Doctoral Researcher (UMN)
Mo Li

Post Doc


Co-Principal Investigator (PSU)
Jennifer Evans

Director, Institute for CyberScience

Professor of Meteorology


Researcher (USFS)
Kristin Floress

Research Social Scientist

U.S. Forest Service



Graduate Student (ASU)
Muhammed Adnan Hanif

 PhD Student


Graduate Student (MTU)
William Lytle

PhD Student


Researcher (PSU)
Jose Fuentes

Professor of Meteorology




Graduate Student (MTU)
Jacob Slattery

PhD Student


Graduate Student (Rutgers)
Holly Berman

PhD Student


Graduate Student (MTU)
Nichole Mackey

MS Student

Post Doctoral Researcher (UMN)
Yi Yang

Post Doc

Household Intervention Team

Associate Professor

Department of Human Ecology




Rachael Shwom
Co-Principal Investigator (Rutgers)

Full Research Team

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